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We specialize in Group, and Individual insurance needs; for Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverage. All plans are carefully designed with our client specific requests in mind. Representing prime carriers most of which we have long standing relationships in the marketplace.




Whether for personal or commercial group plans; we can put together a meaningful solution to meet our client’s economic needs, when the unthinkable happens and you are unable to work due to an accident or a medical condition.


Be it Disability coverage, or Long Term Care Insurance plans. We can put together a low cost efficient plan that can provide ongoing income to pay your monthly expenses while you are out of work and unable to collect a paycheck.



The most economic way to create an immediate Estate for your family. 

EBR Inc.  has vast experience in both Individual and Commercial Life Insurance products, ranging from simple term policies to crafting "Buy & Sell", "Key Man", or "Estate Planning" arrangements.


We have access to most carriers and or have the contacts to meet most of your requirements.




Also known as Professional Employer Organizations "PEO". These arrangements have become viable with certain employers that want to divest themselves from their managerial duties of personnel compliance mandates, and therefore look for outsourcing many of their day to day management and compliance duties.


We have a thorough understanding in PEO arrangements, and many contacts in the industry to custom fit a PEO provider, or a combination of resources to your specific needs. 

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